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This is a tale of intergenerational homosexuality in the American hierarchy with consequences beyond imagining. …

An “open secret” is a secret hidden in plain sight. The homosexual lives of William Cardinal O’Connell of Boston and Francis Cardinal Spellman of New York were just such a secret, and remained so even after their deaths. There are at soloflesh review least two reasons for this. One, because they lived in an era when most Americans had no milf dating reference point by which they could recognize, discern and label homosexual behavior in the life of any individual, much less in the lives of two Catholic prelates of so great a stature. Secondly, because, with few exceptions, O’Connell and Spellman were surrounded hookup app by individuals who had no wish to know. The media and the police, for their part, kept their silence. The only group that openly discussed best hookup apps Spellman or O’Connell’s sexual exploits with young men, in and out of the clergy, were their homosexual contemporaries and they never “outed” either cardinal while the prelates were alive. …

The homosexual legacy of William Cardinal O’Connell and Francis Cardinal Spellman has followed us into the 21st century. We are currently on the third generation of clerical homosexuals and pederasts who can be directly tied to Spellman and O’Connell and other homosexual prelates of the early 20th century…and there will be many more generations of clerical homosexuals and pederasts to follow unless Rome acts to disinherit the heirs of perversion from the Catholic priesthood and religious life. 

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